Our Areas of Expertise

With the help of technological development and radical change in demand and supply of ingredients, the needs of the clients are ever changing and quite dynamic. Often, the improvement of the existing brands by incorporating a new molecule or ingredients can be really complex. We have dedicated teams for any sort of technical product related support to satisfy the regulatory queries and documentation requirement. In fact, we always strive for continuous development of product innovation.

This enables us to give 360 degree assistance to our clients with efficient support all throughout. Ensuring quality, commitment, transparency and reliability has always been our main ingredients for success.

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Technical Support

We have dedicated technical team to support any development from our clients’ factory end

Logistic Support

We have full logistic system to deliver the goods to customers buying locally at their doorstep within next day of order


Whenever the queries for samples comes to us we immediately arrange the samples from our principals


We and our principals are committed to provide every required documents regarding application, utility, safety or any requirement from drug authority

Support from Principals

We often arrange day long or week long technical support or training sessions from our world renowned principals for our clients when the query comes to us


We have highly experienced sales team to always support our clients whenever they need


Apart from indenting, we also locally stock many products for clients who prefer to buy locally in small quantities


We assure our customer of quality, transparency, and reliability all the time.